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The Shelburne Inn is not just for special occasions, but to make any occasion special! Nonetheless, we continuously plan events to celebrate holidays, the changing seasons and to create fun for our guests and ourselves. Please check out our events Calendar, where all of our events are posted.

We have two special musical events coming up this week. On Wednesday, July 16th, Lalo will return to entertain us in the pub with his singing and guitar playing. Lalo lives in Barra, Mexico for most of the year and we’re delighted that he includes us among his summer venues when on tour in the states. Read more here:


On Saturday, July 19th, we hope you’ll join us to listen to the Andrew Endres Collective, a contemporary instrumental jazz group from Portland, Oregon. You can read more about it here and from the other link, visit their website, where you can hear their music and watch a short video.





Saturday, April 26th, 2014
5:00 pm

Shelburne Classic Cocktails

The recent tasting of our signature classic cocktails served with a traditional “free lunch” was a very fun event. Bartender, Dwight Caswell kept everyone entertained with the colorful history of each of the six different cocktails that were served. Our guests discovered why sometimes, you just shouldn’t mess with the original. The Shelburne, of course has its own rich history, as it was established in 1896. The event was so well-received that we plan to offer another before the year is over. So, you’ll have another chance to discover what they were drinking when the Shelburne was young! Here are some photos of the tasting:

Roaring Twenties Negroni

Roaring Twenties Negroni

Traditional Free Lunch

Traditional Free Lunch

Shipwrecked & Rescued

Shipwrecked & Rescued

Classic Cocktail Storytime

Classic Cocktail Storytime

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule

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 Our recent tasting coinciding with Washington Wine month was truly a celebration of Washington wines and a pairing of regional food products. Here are some photos of the food offerings:


A New Leaf Tasting events:

Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Join us in the Inglenook and be guided through a tasting of some Washington wines with Andreas Oswald of Noble Wines, Inc. Our Chefs will prepare a selection of paired small bites to go with the wines. This is the first in a series of tastings that we have planned for this year. $35 per person plus tax.

In celebration of Washington Wine Month a selection of WA wines will be paired with the following preparations:

Columbia River Spring King Salmon

Onion & Olive Tart

 Washington State University

Dill Garlic Viking Cheese with Pear Tomatoes

Snake River Farms Bistecca Fiorentina

Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb

Chocolate Molten


Next month on April 26th, our New Leaf tasting event will be a sampling of our “Classic Cocktails” now being served in the Shelburne Restaurant & Pub. Discover your favorite and enjoy the experience of paired small bites with these classic and time-honored cocktails.

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